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Sandy Yeates


Are you a recent retiree who can't sit still, a city soul looking for a viticulture adventure or just have a bit of time up your sleeve? If so, read on.  Sometime in March we'll be meandering through our vines as the sun rises around us, handpicking the very best of our ripened grapes. We'll then watch on as the grapes are crushed and the winemaking process begins. To celebrate, we'll be hosting an exclusive post-harvest twilight wine and cheese tasting. Keen to join us? 

The event is free, and open to everyone... the only catch being that given the nature of viticulture, we can't pin point exactly what day our grapes will ripen and therefore what day we'll be picking. Therefore, if you do decide to join us, flexibility is key. At this stage, we are expecting to pick sometime in Mid-March, but we'll hopefully know a few days prior to picking and and of course will let those who've signed up for the event know as soon as we can.

If you are interested in participating in this year’s harvest, please email us - you would be a welcome guest. Given the uncertainty in dates, we understand if you sign up to pick grapes but later are unable to attend. 


Veraison started 12 days later than previous years (when we picked in late February and early March). This might put vintage into the 2nd week of March but if it stays hot maybe it will come back a few days?

Once the grapes (Shiraz) are ripe we will book a slot at the winery with only a few days notice to organise the picking team. We will start at daybreak when it is cool and try to get the last grapes into the winery before lunch so that the grapes don’t overheat. It is all over very quickly. 

YEATES Wines launch (MUDGEE)

Edwina Yeates

A quick recap for any of those that missed out. In a nutshell, this was a fantastic evening! Ivanhoe proved to be the perfect venue for the launch and we had a great crew of people show up to taste our wines and check out the cosy cellar downstairs. Meanwhile outside, the atmosphere was spectacular and everyone was in great form. We were blessed to have our winemaker Jacob Stein speak beautifully about the wines. We also had an impromptu speech from the charismatic David Lowe of Lowe Wines and our very own Sandy Yeates. 

Throughout the evening, our guests sampled four YEATES wines, all of which seemed to be a hit as well as some gorgeous wines from Robert Stein Winery and LOWE Wines.  Milnes of Mudgee provided us with some delicious canapes which we'll be talking about for a while, Olivia Morgan of Crossroads Collective did some incredibly creative and stunning work turning our garden into something magical and Kay Norton-Knight of Rosby Wines, Mudgee provided and arranged all the gorgeous flowers. For all the generous help provided and all those who have supported us along the way, we are hugely grateful! Thanks to all those who came along... what fun we had!

Check out some photos from the evening here