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2016 Vintage Report

Edwina Yeates

We had a cracker of a vintage this year. Despite a touch of early hail damage, some pesky birds, and a dash of rain in January, the vines were in wonderful shape during the ripening phase in February and come harvest, they were brimming with well structured bunches and plump, fully coloured berries... all early indicators of some good wine to come. This year's harvest is our 3rd under the organic management regime that was implemented back in 2013 and so far it seems to be working well for us. We managed to pick a whopping 7.5 tonnes of grapes during harvest this year, with most picked by hand. This was to minimise damage to our 48 year-old vines, and allow us more control over which grapes we use in our wines. Like John West, we believe it's the grapes we reject that'll make our wines the best! Three months on, the winemaking process is in full swing and our 2016 vintage of wine looks to be in good shape.

Jacob Stein (YEATES Winemaker), Sandy Yeates (YEATES Vigneron) & Mike De Garis (Wine Consultant) in the vineyard.

Earlier in the year wine-pro Mike DeGaris agreed to help us out a little with the wine. Mike went through Roseworthy College studying wine science and has impressive credentials as a winemaker, wine judge and in the last decade, wine consultant. He has already had a big impact on techniques to refine our 2015 shiraz and together with Jacob's magic touch, we dare say our 2016 vintage may just be the best yet. Watch this space.