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Vineyard News - April 2019

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Vineyard News - April 2019

Edwina Yeates

Vine Leaves Paint a Perfect Picture

Art masterpieces share a commonality – magnificent use of light by their painters. With vineyards it is how long the leaves last after harvest that reveal their true masters. Vines that hang on to their leaves long after harvest reflect superior management, identifying the viticultural elite around Mudgee.

The root systems of vines work hard to establish leaf early in the season. The leaves return the favour by photosynthesising sugars that help ripen the fruit. Once the fruit is harvested, the carbohydrate enriched leaves are left scratching their heads so the root system recalls leftover scraps and stores them over winter. It takes time though and if there are lots of leaves, there is a lot of work to do.

The nutritional repository accumulated in Autumn turbo charges the buds in late September as the first new shoots arrive. One cycle ends and a new one begins, each mutually dependent on the other. Now you know what “turning over a new leaf” means!

This image of our vineyard shows our Shiraz vines 7 weeks post harvest in full leaf. It is a good omen for next years crop. The line of thick compost under the canopy helps.