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Our Vineyard

The vineyard comprises of 20ha of voluptuously fertile soil at 500m altitude on the outskirts of Mudgee where Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are grown. The first vines were planted in 1968 making the vineyard one of the oldest in Mudgee. Rosemount, a former owner of the vineyard made trophy winning wines labelled as "Mountain Blue" (named after the hills surrounding Mudgee that turn blue in the soft light of dusk) that were acclaimed internationally from 1994 to 2006. The vineyard was purchased in 2010 by the Yeates family who have been making varietal and blended red wines with the hallowed vines. See below for further information about the vineyard and click here for a detailed history of the vineyard.

Fertile Soils, Healthy Vines & Beautiful Grapes

Mudgee's name comes from the aboriginal word meaning "nest in the hills" and the 20 hectare vineyard is nestled in the valley at an altitude of 500m. The warm summer, long autumn and cooler evenings provide excellent grape-growing conditions and the unique & voluptuously fertile soil creates a remarkable terroir for our grapes. Planted without irrigation in 1968, our vines are not only some of the oldest in Mudgee but have sent roots very deep into the rich soil, which provides great consistency and allows the produce to remain excellent in all but the hardest seasons. 

Yeates Ownership – Restoration Commences

After the completion of the vineyard's sale in 2010, restoration work commenced to restore the old Shiraz vines in block 1 back to good health. This involved removing all the old trellis wires and cutting all the dead tissue off the trunks and cordons after which the vines were "cane pruned" - a process that involves using two new healthy canes each year to carry the crop load of each vine. Since restoration began, extensive improvements have been made and the vineyard is now in splendid health. However, the restoration work continues - we are currently half way through a 10-year program. In 2013 we initiated an ecologically sustainable management practice - we now  use organically certified sprays and fertilisers. The vineyard is also involved in a biodynamic program supervised by David Lowe.

Where do the grapes go once picked? 

Currently,  a relatively large portion of the vineyard is being leased to  Lowe wines who are using the grapes to produce a wine labelled "Mudgee Blue".  The remaining vines are being used to produce a small parcel of high-quality grapes which we reserve each vintage to be made under the Yeates label, by local winemaker Jacob Stein